About us

The origins of our wine date back to the beginning of the 900s. Initially our family sharecropped a land but in the 1952 purchased a tiny piece of land and began cultivating its own plot.

In 1979 our father Giovanni Battista, known to everyone as “Titta”, detached himself from his two brothers and took, with only 2 hectares of vineyards, his own path. Today, with the same passion of our father, we and our sons continue on his way, leading about 60 hectares of vineyards owned by our family and producing authentic and genuine wine.

With devotion, we follow and carry out directly all the works in the vineyard and in the winery awarded that a great wine is made from a great grapes only, looked after day by day.

In our wines you will find the typical scent and taste of our land and grapes, in our clients you can find the best advertising vehicle for our products.

We are waiting for you to come in our cellar as friends and lovers of good wine!

more info: www.cozzarolo.it