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A Pinot Grigio born in Friuli Venezia Giulia to unite the World

Why the choice of this wine?

It’s well known that Friuli is a renowned and vocated land for the cultivation of white grapes from which great wines are produced, ambassadors of our Region in all over the World. The choice of grape variety is almost obvious: Pinot Grigio is the best known and most drunk white wine in the World.

Why Border Rows?

Friuli is a region situated in the North East of Italy and our vineyards are located right on the eastern border, hence "Border Rows" or in Italian “Filari di Confine".

The label represents the map of Friuli Venezia Giulia, with the border with Slovenia to the East and Austria to the North clearly delineated. This border has moved many times over the centuries from ancient times until the Second World War. Our territory was invaded by the Celts, Etruscans, Romans, Huns, Lombards, Normans and Napoleon, and significant battles were fought in the First and Second World Wars.

Now in our opinion we should consider ourselves lucky to have these wonderful lands in Friuli and to be able to cultivate them by carrying on the winemaking tradition with the passion handed down to us for our work.

On the label, the stylised eagle is reminiscent of the flag of Friuli, where the wings are represented by the rows of vines that outline our lands; this on the map has been positioned exactly where our vineyards are located.

Why the choice of the English language brand?

English is the language that breaks down borders between people in the World, just like a good glass of wine does!

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